Rooms that take shape based on behaviour

Image Credit: University of New South Wales

Three main areas that will profoundly change the way architects design, develop and manufacture in the future are being explored. They are machine learning and artificial intelligence; digital fabrication and robot fabrication; and augmented reality and virtual reality.

Indonesia’s UGM collaborates for airport weather system

Image Credit: Universitas Gadjah Mada

Air transportation is responsible for boosting the connectivity among the different regions of Indonesia. With Indonesia being a maritime country, connectivity through aviation is one of the ways in uniting the country and reducing the disparity among the regions.

Malaysian fintech firm raises funds to expand regionally

The online money transfer platform will use the funds to will be used to open more corridors with Malaysian business trade partners like Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The firm will also use the funds to expand its team to accommodate its growth and maintain its service level quality.

New Zealand invests in ambitious research projects

The research projects will be able to improve the lives of New Zealanders by enhancing the economy, environment and society. Among some of the technologies that will be utilised by the projects are machine learning, artificial intelligence, and drones.

NSW trials collision avoidance tech on its buses

Image Credit: NSW Government

Mobileye will be able to do its functions with the use of a single camera mounted on the windshield. The trial will involve all 38 double-decker B-Line buses. The B-Line drivers will now have a third eye on the road to help keep customers and other road users safe.