Implications of AI in the legal profession

There are no current AI technologies that have the capacity to completely replace lawyers. There is still the need to exercise human judgement as part of the process. AI is an opportunity instead of being a threat to the legal profession despite the changes in the legal roles.

E-scooters to change how New Zealanders travel

Similar to how their bikes work, the system will also be dock-less. The users simply need the app to unlock the scooter from wherever they were left by the previous rider. They are perfect to pick up anywhere, anytime and are very useful for last-mile journeys.

Shooting for the stars

In collaboration with major global telecom players, the homegrown company’s technology will improve connectivity and deliver high-speed internet around the world in the coming decades. Their innovation is believed to reach over 4 billion people who currently lack internet access.

Philippines migrates to Digital TV

Digital TV Awareness Seminars are being held around major island groups covering topic such as policy and regulatory interventions, frequency spectrum assignment and antenna technologies. The promotion is part of the Public Communications Strategies of the Department.

Additional drones to protect NSW beaches this summer

The UAVs will provide an extra set of eyes for greater coverage of dangers along the coast and a faster response to incidents at key blackspot locations. The vision will be delivered live back to the team at the beach, allowing them to spot any potential problems in the water as they happen.