New partnership to develop new tech solutions for sludge treatment

The new tech also features the application of non-toxic and environment-friendly nanotechnology chemicals that will separate the emulsions into oil and water; optimising recovery of hydrocarbons while also cleaning discharged effluents to meet environmental quality standards.

Artificial Intelligence in India

The public and private sector in the country have become more aware of the potential of AI. AI is expected to add US $957 billion to the Indian economy by 2035, and there has been a 179% increase in the number of searches for artificial intelligence-related jobs in India.

Philippines gives importance to IP valuation

It is important for intellectual property to be correctly valued in order to value a business correctly. The value of an IP asset derives, in essence, from its ability to exclude competitors from a particular market.

Are you in a state of urban wellbeing?

NewCities, a global non-profit, is calling for applications for the 2019 Wellbeing City Award. Find out how to apply and share your innovative ideas with the world!

Micro-credentials to address New Zealand’s cybersecurity skills shortage

The worldwide success of micro-credentials is due to the partnerships between tertiary institutions and industry. New Zealand has the educational and research expertise and the organisations have the technical knowledge to guarantee that what is offered is exactly what employers are looking for.

Piping Hot Talent

The scholarships recognise the growing infocomm media industry as well as the need to nurture a pipeline of future infocomm media leaders.

Digitalising PERA to leapfrog its growth in the Philippines

The interest for PERA has been low since it was rolled out in December 2016. Creating a digital space for the savings scheme will popularise the investment tool among the public and possibly attract more investments. It can ride on the National Retail Payment System to reduce transaction costs.