Malaysia’s hyperspectral imaging might track lost Malaysian aircraft

The sensor was used on aircraft to retrieve and collect the ‘DNA’ of every object found during a SAR operation; the data collected was analysed post-landing. The professor hopes that this tech can be employed in the search for the missing aircraft should the government choose to reopen the case.

Mobile app to ease impact of grapevine trunk disease

Grapevine trunk diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent in Australian vineyards. It is usually caused by fungal infections. The update has embedded the latest grapevine trunk disease research in a convenient tool that will help grape-growers to make an assessment in the vineyard.

The Value of IP for MedTech

OpenGov Asia had a chance to chat with Dr Lim Jing, the Chief Technology Officer of Osteopore over the phone during IP Week@SG 2018. We talked about how Industry 4.0 is changing intellectual property rights for MedTech.

Something’s phishy: protecting oneself from becoming bait to cybercriminals

As cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, users become more vulnerable to cyberattacks by criminals using phishing techniques. These criminals trail, hack and steal millions of dollars from ordinary users every year. Individuals can do more to prevent these attacks and safeguard their own interests.

Digitisation to boost immunisation coverage

Digitisation can help boost the capability of providers to make immunisation health value chains more efficient and resilient. Strong vaccine supply chains guarantee that children have access to the right vaccines, at the right time, in the right place.

Digital tricks of trade

First announced in the Budget 2016 speech by Minister for Finance, Mr Heng Swee Keat, the Networked Trade Platform is developed to streamline the trade process. The digital solution put forth raises productivity, boosts competitiveness and creates new business opportunities.

New Zealand’s strategy for cybersecurity

The cybersecurity strategy of New Zealand has four main goals. These are exercising cyber resilience, having cyber capabilities, improving cybersecurity, and increasing international cooperation.

Cybersecurity Centre set up in Chennai

The centre will help international businesses with their digital processes, through the broad range of managed security services that it provides. These services deal with security concerns across networks and infrastructures, information, applications, and threat management.