New surveillance pilot in Changi airport

OpenGov Asia chats with Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Xjera Labs, Mr Ethan Chu, about the company’s Multi-Signal Surveillance Platform which will be piloted indoors at Changi Airport.

Digital wallets to boost financial inclusion in the Philippines

Digital wallets come in various digital forms and sizes, differing from each other in features. Features can be in the form of technologies used, payment method allowed, specialty cards added, and device compatibility. The potential of the digital wallet in addressing financial inclusion is there.

Philippines to experience biggest cybersecurity event

This will engage different organisations in order to establish a standardised cybersecurity process and procedure across the local financial industry. It will equip the members with new methodologies and empower them by partnering with government agencies to enforce measures.

Robot proves other possible causes of slipped discs

The biomedical engineering researchers tracked the disc failure patterns and found that only half of the spines failed because of slipped discs, while the others failed through bone injuries. There are other motions that can cause a slipped disc, which may be worse than just bending and twisting.

Videogame teaches New Zealand students about volcanoes

This is a rare opportunity to use science to stimulate the imagination of students and involve them in this journey to the centre of the earth. The game sees students work in teams of four to role play as scientists or engineers trying to drill into a magma chamber to extract its power.