3D printing of concrete to disrupt construction industry

Construction remains a largely manual work, which makes it very expensive. Construction is open to being disrupted by automation, and 3D printing is one technology that can help. Two approaches were explored, the powder bed 3D printing option and the onsite concrete printing.

Electric tricycles for a sustainable tourism in Boracay

The shift to electronic vehicles is part of the Government’s campaign in promoting an environment-friendly pubic transport on the island once it reopens to the public on 26 October 2018. It will improve the public transportation system for tourists and give the locals a source of livelihood.

Malaysia’s APU launches first integrated cybersecurity talent zone

The talent zone was set up to address the industry’s pressing need for technically competent CyberSecurity professionals. The collaborative digital education and training initiatives will play a vital role in creating opportunities and equipping the Malaysian workforce with relevant industry-based skillsets that are aligned with industry needs.

World’s first standards mapping tool for Industry 4.0

Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Standards Council have developed the Standards Mapping for Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index (SmS), for enterprises to identify relevant standards to upgrade their Industry 4.0 capabilities.

VR to advance Philippine learning experience

VR serves as the link between knowledge and experience. The best way for people to learn something is by doing it. Information can be retained more if the people get to connect with the content. One gets immersed in an environment that is similar to the real world, or can even be fantastical.

Autonomous air taxi service to land in NZ

The prototype that is being tested in Canterbury can hold two passengers and can travel 100 kilometres at a speed of up to 180 km per hour on a charge. Cora is using self-flying software that is combined with expert human oversight and will make flying possible for people without any training.