How blockchain can change New Zealand

Blockchain removes the need for both the buyer and seller to reconcile their records and for middle men to co-ordinate transactions because it underlies cryptocurrencies as a shared tamper-proof ledger of transactions.

How big data will power the Thai the government

Leaders from various Thai governmental agencies shed light on the new and innovative ways the government plans to employ big data; including, providing internet access for all, digitalising the agricultural industry and helping to combat corruption.

PolyU team develops smart fabric detection system

‘WiseEye’ is a unique integrated AI-based system, embedded with a high-power LED light bar and a high-resolution charge-coupled device camera which is driven by an electronic motor and is mounted on a rail to capture images of the whole width of woven fabric during the weaving process.

digitalcitiesPH Awards recognises leading tech-enabled LGUs

The digitalcitiesPH Awards gave out 17 awards in different categories that include Global Competitiveness, Digital Finance Empowerment, Data-Driven Governance, Government Inter-Operability, Business Empowerment, and Customer Empowerment.

NTU is working on V2X technologies

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies underpin smart mobility. Further research in this area will improve the safety and information connectivity of the vehicles.

Indian Policy Commission organises fourth lecture series on AI

The Policy Commission introduced the 2018 AI-based theme for the fourth lecture of the series as part of the national strategy for AI. The strategy for AI intends to develop a robust and technologically forward ecosystem in India for AI research and implementation.

How technology improves governance in developing Asia

New technologies hold great promise for improving government effectiveness. It is a multi-faceted concept that includes control of corruption and efficient delivery of public goods such as education, health, social security, and transport.

The new SingPass Mobile app – more convenient and secure

Memorising passwords must be one of the biggest burdens of modern life. You make one and you lose one. Even though there is relative ease in resetting the password, the Singapore Government is working to quell vicious password memorisation with the new Singpass Mobile app.