AI to boost business for indoor growers and farmers

The data from the farms can be taken, processed and then be returned as useful information that would describe what is happening with their crop and farm production. The technologies suite is an “open platform”, allowing it to integrate with other operating systems.

Cloud-dependent laptop wins entrepreneurial program

Sydney Genesis program develops the next generation of entrepreneurs who are solving real-world problems with their business innovations. Aside from seed funding, the winners will be fast-tracked to the INCUBATE program and receive support from the Innovation Hub at the University of Sydney.

The future for 5G in India

The government developed a High-Level 5G India 2020 Forum last year, which brought together officials, industry experts, and academicians. It was aimed at bringing early deployment of 5G in the country, to be implemented commercially in 2020.

National Australia Bank’s ATMs get a facelift

In partnership with Microsoft, the National Australia Bank has rolled out a proof of concept Automatic Teller Machine which uses cloud and artificial intelligence in a bid to go card-less.

BSP enhances Fintech security regulations

BSP supports the development of an enabling regulatory environment conducive to digitalisation. It has an active multi-stakeholder collaboration and policies ensuring consumer protection. There have been key policy changes for money service business and regulation of virtual currency exchanges.

Sodium-ion to store renewable energy in NSW

Installation is part of the A$ 10.6 million Smart Sodium Storage System Project. Sodium-ion batteries are a potential game-changer because the materials are much more abundant than the traditional lithium-ion batteries. This will reduce the costs and reliance on scarce and expensive lithium.