Digitalisation to transform the energy supply chain

Minister Chan Chun Sing speaks at the 2nd Singapore-International Energy Agency Forum. In his speech, he emphasises the role of digitalisation in building new architectures of interconnected energy systems.

Malaysian blockchain strategies in academia

Local tertiary institutions are taking note of the rise of blockchain technology and are responding to its possibilities. Industry players urge schools and universities to prepare students with the necessary skills and information to conceptualise business use cases and produce technically-inclined graduates to build these systems.

New Zealand to become launch pad of small satellites

New Zealand has relatively light aerospace regulation compared to other parts of the world and has no air or shipping traffic. As more and more launch pads are being planned around the world in years to come, New Zealand will remain as the company’s highest-volume location for launches.

The Budget 2019 expectations on tech for new Malaysia

An Expert argues that perhaps a more effective way would be to introduce a form of digital tax on overseas suppliers of digital services where such foreign companies are required to register for service tax and charge service tax on such services.

Philippine firms need greater focus on cybersecurity

The Cisco 2018 Asia Pacific Security Capabilities Benchmark Study showed that companies in the region receive six threats every minute but only 50% of these are being investigated. 42% of the Philippine respondents have received 5,000 alerts per day.

B2B marketplace ventures into Fintech through e-wallet

For repeated orders done on a monthly basis, Ralali Wallet provides a platform wherein cashback for the next order can be saved and can bring more profit for them. Users are also allowed to use their balance to buy any kind of product, including digital goods.

VR helps Antarctica expeditioners cope with isolation

It is there to bring them back to reality, to give them a sense of being in a virtual space that is different from the isolation of the whiteness and silence of Antarctica. The program would help inform researchers at Dartmouth College who could use it for a long-term mission to Mars.