PolyU and CR get research centres for micro-electronics and precision medicine

PolyU will collaborate with CR Micro to jointly develop an intelligent sprayable nano-engineered sensor system for monitoring the structural health of large wind turbine blades and its management system. And the collaboration with the other CR arm is to develop frontier technology and products in life sciences and precision medicine, covering both fundamental and clinical research on precision medicine.

Utilising the future of blockchain technology in Australia

The business value-add of blockchain is expected to grow to around A$ 176 billion by 2025. Australia’s presence and leadership in the blockchain economy would only increase through the continued strengthening of pro-blockchain policies.

Digitalising Malaysia’s plantation industry – Part Two

Seeking to address the information gap between field operations and monitoring, the company has come up with QuartoConnect – their approach to extending the digitisation of plantations to include work at the field level as well, not just at the main office.