Digital transformation centre to boost collaborative research

The Centre will showcase a new and evolving approach for clients to deliver digital solutions by drawing on the company’s global experience in digital transformation and the University’s expertise in Industry 4.0 technology, social impact, and design thinking.

Leading Thai money changer offering digital cash passport

The move aims to promote a cashless society, much touted in the government’s Thailand 4.0 initiative, and generates new revenue from merchant fees. In addition, The company will soon include a mobile app that lets users check their balance and pay at some stores with a QR code.

New organisation to promote digital identity in NZ

It will bring together private and government organisation in order to make digital identity easier and more secure for everyone in New Zealand. It is significant that all New Zealanders, companies and organisations are informed of what digital identity exactly is.

Entrepreneurs and enterprises to help improve HDB living

Innovation is key to development, and it’s no different for public housing. Cool Ideas Enterprise and Pulse of the Heartlands MoUs will help aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises advance the development of innovative solutions that improve HDB living.

Drones to bolster disaster response in the Philippines

The innovative non-profit initiative aims to provide communications technology and technical assistance to emergency response teams. This will help in gathering accurate and up-to-date data on the status of lifelines in disaster situations.

Exclusive: The future of public housing

Living better is possible in the future. Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) is embarking on various projects to improve resident’s lives. Mr Fong Chun Wah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Building), HDB, shares what residents can look forward to in their estates.