Digital humans are being developed and employed in NZ

Digital humans are equipped with machine learning algorithms that can process sense-based data. Therefore, they are better at responding to people in real time. The organisations are utilising the digital humans typically as customer service solutions.

Thailand speeds up blockchain adoption

A major cryptocurrency firm and the Thai government aim to work more closely together to make Thailand a centre for blockchain by applying blockchain in politics, fintech and other areas as well.

Digital slides to revolutionise pathology laboratories

Rapid precision-scanning technology will speed up medical diagnoses and will help address the shortage of trained pathologists in Australia. The pace that Australia can train pathologists is much slower than the nation’s reliance and increased usage of the limited pathology services.

Malaysia to integrate technology with language skills

The programme aims to enhance the skills of its graduates, especially in communications through the use of tech, so they can become part of the skilled workforce that contributes towards achieving the country’s aspirations.

IMDA develops Media Industry Digital Plan

The Infocomm Media Development Authority rolls out the Media Industry Digital Plan (IDP). IDP aims to help enterprises and professionals grow their digital capabilities and thrive in a digital economy.

Hong Kong sees 360 global business and tech leaders attend forum

Hong Kong forum focused on I&T, examining cutting-edge technologies in the areas of biotech, artificial intelligence (AI), digital healthcare and fintech. Speakers discussed how Hong Kong can leverage its advantages to develop into a technology hub, while the creative forces behind some of Hong Kong’s hottest start-ups will share their disruptive ideas that are poised to transform various industries.

La Trobe University’s PrintACar Challenge

Australia’s La Trobe University organises yet another exciting challenge for young minds – the Quantum Victoria PrintACar Challenge. In this challenge, Victorian students have the opportunity to design, 3D print and race a car. All parts of the car with the exception of the axles, are printed using the 3D printer. A small canister of […]