Swedish edtech to bring new approach to education in Thailand

The start-ups edtech tools have helped build an awareness of sustainability, the CEO noted, adding that this can also make a big impact in Thailand. It is partnering with a Bangkok-based education giant which is sure to help the edtech tools reach a greater number of Thai learners.

New Monitoring Centre to protect NZ 24/7

New Zealanders are aware of the life-threatening geological risks that the country faces and this centre will improve the early warning systems for those events. Providing speedy and reliable information is critical to keeping New Zealanders safe during events.

AIHW’s newest data tool

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has built a tool which can be used to compare Australian data on health and healthcare with comparable international data. The tool is a first of its kind.

Special needs students learn social interaction via VR

This kind of protective behaviour training is greatly important for children with special needs, who may experience difficulty in responding appropriately in social situations. The special needs students will be wearing a VR headset and will be presented with 3D models of people they interact with.

Philippine Rice Research Institute pushes for drone tech in farming

The promotion of the potential of drone technology in rice farming would cut farmers’ production costs while luring young people back to farming. By bringing it to the ground, rice stakeholders in awe of this flying technology would cease to feel that it is out of reach.