Australian digital identity assets and how they can be protected

These records are accurate, confidential and not to be tampered with. Living in the digital era means having these digital identity records transformed into electric data and stored virtually in cloud servers. These servers act as the nation’s memory centre, preserving Australia’s unaltered history.

Indigenous tech for Indian Defence Ministry

AI-based tools are expected to aid the defence forces in decision support, sensor data analysis, predictive maintenance, situational awareness, and accurate data extraction security. The Government intends to promote indigenous product development and manufacturing in the defence electronics sector to support a defence-driven ecosystem.

How Hong Kong can speed up digitisation

Ensuring Hong Kong’s long-term competitive advantage will require the participation of multiple stakeholders, such as the corporate sector, SMBs and the general public.

Three Philippine government agencies to boost start-ups

The Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Information and Communications Technology, and the Department of Science and Technology will harness their programs and projects to create an ecosystem conducive for business start-ups.