New online portal tracks NZ’s GDP in real time

GDPLive is an online portal that uses machine learning algorithms and the most up-to-date data possible, including live data sources, to see estimates of how the New Zealand economy is performing on a daily basis. It also provides forecasts that could help businesses to look into the future.

Hong Kong billionaire invests in digital asset platform

The platform gained a massive reputation across the globe for being one of the most transparent and progressive cryptocurrency platforms in the current digital world. The firm announced that it has plans to create a digital asset platform that will be capable of hosting institutional grade futures contracts for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Singapore, a 2019 Innovation Champion: CES

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) report rated Singapore well in areas such as broadband, human capital and tax friendliness, but noted the country could lift its three-month threshold for private rentals and ease strict fines imposed on short-term rental hosts.

Malaysian firm for blockchain-based cross-border remittances

The service aims to promote and encourage the use of formal channels for remittances, with all existing incentives offered by a major bank in Pakistan for the promotion of international remittance through mobile wallet being applicable for this service.

IoT improves forest care via smart monitoring

The Smart IoT Platform provides on-demand, real-time soil moisture readings up to every minute during an irrigation or rain fall event, while dynamically scaling back to 30 minutes during night time or other low-interest periods.