HKMA holds high-level Fintech Roundtable

The Roundtable comprised presentations and panel discussions that covered a range of topics including case studies of cross-border collaborations, open banking, and the use of emerging technologies in providing financial services.

A glimpse on how digital tech may impact education by 2050

Education for 2050’ workshop offered a glimpse of how digital technologies, like VR, AI, and big data may impact education over the next 30 years. Technology should remain to be a tool being used only to augment what human teachers can do.

AI predicts infrastructure lifecycle and detects diabetic retinopathy

The software, powered by a self-learning algorithm, predicts deterioration and anticipates replacement costs. In a different project, researchers have developed an image-processing algorithm that can automatically detect one of the key signs of diabetic retinopathy with an accuracy rate of 98%.