Web-based application boosts data accessibility for Indonesian students

Equipped with features such as the Advanced Environmental Gates of Information, Extended Algorithm E-mail System, Online Study Plan Cards Professional Education, and the Academic Information Systems Online Professional Education, DAM makes it easier for the community to be informed and updated.

Space technology task force for border management in India

Under the project, the deployment of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) in remote areas will be coordinated by satellite communications. The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)-based GPS will provide navigation facilities for operational parties in high altitudes and at remote and difficult borders.

PolyU myopia control technology extends GBA

The novel DISC technology provides clear vision as well as simultaneously projecting blurred, out-of-focus (defocused) images onto the retina to slow down the increase in axial length of the eye of the myopic patients.

SMART drumlines to start trial in Newcastle, NSW

The Shark Management Alert in Real Time drumlines consist of two buoys and a satellite-linked communications unit, which is attached to a hook baited with a single mullet. These will be introduced across Stockton, Nobbys, Newcastle, Bar, Dixon Park and Merewether beaches near existing shark nets.