Progress in India’s online agri-trading portal

The National Agriculture Market platform helps with better price discovery and facilitates the smooth marketing of produce, outside of physical markets. It currently hosts 585 regulated markets, including markets in 16 states and two union territories that trade 124 different commodities.

Electronic vehicles to alleviate Metro Manila traffic woes

Also known as eJeeps, the EVs are compliant with the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) innovations for the convenience and safety of commuters. Some of their features include on-board Wi-Fi, an automated fare collection system, GPS tracking system, CCTV cameras, and USB ports for recharging devices.

Malaysian students can now read digital textbooks via app

The textbooks would be released in two phases; first phase saw 313 titles made accessible to students, parents and teachers, through the 1BestariNet website. The second phase, initiated in 2019, will see digital textbooks being made more interactive.

Radiation detector to boost safety in space missions

Cosmic radiation is one of the health hazards associated with space travel and exploration. The space radiation environment consists of mixed radiation fields of low and highly energetic ions, electrons, gamma photons and neurons, which make it difficult to measure.

Edge Computing – transformational era for business in public sector

Edge Computing, in basic terms, is processing data closer to its origin – at the periphery of the network. The technology moves away from handling data in centralised networks (Data Centres, Cloud, etc) and moves towards individual sources of data capture (laptops, tablets and smartphones). Edge Computing is the decentralised deployment of computing infrastructure, with […]