Malaysia using tech to empower farmers

IR 4.0 is probably the best platform to drive changes in increasing productivity and support the shift towards an innovation- and knowledge-based economy. These initiatives will allow farms to be more profitable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

AI in India’s educational sector

Many Indian universities will offer courses related to AI, such as deep learning foundations and applications, reinforcement learning, probabilistic reasoning, predictive and prescriptive data analytics, system identification, physical cybersecurity, and digital image processing.

South Australian start-up sector to receive funding

The objective of this A$ 28 million fund is to contribute to economic growth by supporting collaboration between enterprises, researchers and universities, as well as encourage the establishment and growth of start-ups in South Australia.

Government recommendations for responsible digital transformation

World Economic Forum

The research found that “by 2022, 60% of global GDP will be digitized. Yet today, only 45% of people trust that technology will improve their lives. Every sector is beginning to face deep questions about what the implications of this transformation will be.” The World Economic Forum, via its Global System Initiative on Shaping the […]