New Zealand’s Business Tech Trends in 2019

New Zealand’s Innovation Agency shared a list of business tech trends that it sees will take off in 2019. How New Zealand thrives through these developments will depend on how curious, adventurous and collaborative the country will be.

AI for India’s Smart Cities

In the 99 cities that were selected to be smart cities, the government plans to use AI for public facilities, crowd management, intelligent safety systems, and to prevent cyber-attacks.

University of Sydney partners with industry to produce workforce of the future

The University of Sydney is partnering with the research and development arm of a leading Indian company in order to provide students with real-world experience through the newly developed Industry and Community Projects Units (ICPU). According to a recent press release, partnering with Makers Lab is the key to giving the students a better understanding […]

Russia considers shutting down internet to test cyber defences

Russia is planning to disconnect itself from the internet as part of a planned experiment designed to protect the country from cyber attacks. Internet service providers in the country are working with the Russian government in preparation for the test, which comes in response to a proposed new law that will see all internet traffic […]