Vietnam, Cuba to strengthen cooperation in ICT

Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications will share with Cuba management experience in network security, 4G development, and legal framework in the field of telecommunications and ICT.

India to have a $1 trillion digital payments industry by 2023

India’s digital payments aggregate less than US $200 billion, of which mobile payments were at an estimated value of US $10 billion in the financial year 2018. By 2023, a report expects that the digital payments industry will grow to US $1 trillion.

HK prime location for GBA data hub

Hong Kong’s active participation in international agreements regarding cross-border data transfer, its international positioning and its robust legal framework make it the prime location for GBA’s data centre hub.

3D optical biopsies are in the horizon

The new technique uses a light field imaging approach to produce microscopic images in stereo vision, similar to watching 3D movies while wearing 3D glasses.