Malaysia aims to boost tech ties with Chinese firms

The Malaysian Prime Minister is focusing on technology as the key to development and transformation. To ensure this, the nation will partner with China and has already secured several solid partnerships from the region.

Boosting data science in the region through education

Initiatives such as expanding social inclusiveness by assisting deserving but financially challenged students to obtain a postgraduate degree and providing an avenue for collaborative work will be strengthened.

HK leaders must upskill to ensure wider AI adoption

With 74% of the management level respondents polled agreed that AI is instrumental to their organisation’s competitiveness, 40% of organisations in Hong Kong have already embarked on their AI journeys.

ETDA and NCC to develop online complaint system

The ETDA signed a memorandum of cooperation with the NACC to implement electronic technology and transactions, develop online fraud complaint systems, reduce paper use, raise the government’s digital economy and cybersecurity.