ETDA working to expand Thai e-commerce participation

The two will collaborate to raise the level of development and build manpower in the digital industry. Of online transactions and integrated e-commerce. This will support the expansion of the labour market era 4.0.

Malaysia gets borderless digital connectivity solution

The solution offers products and solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Enterprise Messaging, Cloud Network Integration Solution, comprehensive security solutions, data backup, disaster recovery solution and connectivity.

Changing the way we look at quantum technology

Centre for Quantum Technologies are developing new solutions and innovations in this tech area with potential use in areas such as quantum chemistry, material science, machine learning and AI and data science.

SUTD and M1 to collaborate on 5G tech

M1 will be providing a test platform to allow for innovations to be created and applied in finding practical solutions for government and enterprises

Making Hong Kong a digital entertainment hub

HK$50 million was invested in the new e-sports arena, designed and built by Hong Kong-based start-ups. Another HK$50 million has been earmarked for internships and promotional programmes aimed at Hong Kong’s nascent e-sports industry.