Malaysian SMEs now can apply for government-matched grants

SMEs may choose to subscribe up to three out of five digital services, namely, Electronic Point of Sale (e-POS) systems; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Digital Marketing; Procurement, as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

5G gaining momentum in Thailand

With as much as 100 times the speed of current wireless networks and with significantly reduced latency, 5G use cases are endless for improving the efficiency of mobile phones, growing networks of IoT devices in areas like manufacturing, transport, healthcare, education, agriculture and more.

Malaysia reveals new state-level smart city project

When combined, these technologies will enable a move towards smart waste management, dynamic public transport systems, efficient water treatment cycles, energy-efficient buildings and cashless communities.

Singapore government launches COVID-19 chatbot

This online bot provides answers based on programmed questions on the existing situation and users can also get information on the measures for helping people and businesses which were announced during the recent Budget 2020.

New epidemic management solution from HK lab

The solution uses a face + iris recognition system to enable access control, this reduces the risk of bacterial transmission. The system can work just as well if the user is wearing a mask or glasses.