Crowdsourcing Innovative Water Solutions in Singapore

Public Utilities Board launched a second edition of a previously successful project that invites companies and researchers around the world to co-create innovative water solutions to meet Singapore’s future water needs.

Four Actions to Protect Critical Infrastructure from Ransomware

To combat ransomware attacks in the U.S., the government needs to consider ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure as digital terrorism, include digital technology as critical infrastructure, ban ransomware payment, and collaborate with private sectors.

HKBU To Build Platform Tech for Symbiotic Creativity

An HKBU-led research team received research to develop platform tech for symbiotic creativity, providing unlimited art content for humans, including an art data repository, an AI creative algorithm system and more.

Digital Upgrade for Insurance Agents in the Philippines

Insurance agents and brokers face numerous challenges, particularly as insurtech ramps up in the sector, where digital devices play an important role. Digital tools are now being used to help agents organise and perform tasks smartly.

Sydney University Scientist Creating Digital Touch

An engineer and IoT expert at the University of Sydney is developing an ultra-fast communication method to facilitate Tactile Internet, a technology that may one day allow users to experience touch over the internet.

Taiwan Launches Accelerator Programme for Startups

Taiwan Tech Arena has partnered with a global venture capital firm to launch an eight-week programme for startups to strengthen the startup ecosystem in Taiwan and raise the local ecosystem’s profile on the global stage.