New Training and Tech to Help Curb Shark Attacks in NSW

In an Australian-first, the NSW Government is partnering with Surfing NSW to deliver shark attack-specific first aid training, first aid kits and life-saving tech to NSW surf clubs as part of the state’s Shark Management Program.

Hanoi, Vietnam Aims to Develop Smart Agriculture

With a densely populated city like Hanoi, using modern technology in production will increase farmer incomes and solve the problems of land shortage, improve the living environment and reduce pollution.

Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Hospital Uses AI Tech to Process Files

As protective equipment can hinder performing certain tasks such as updating people’s medical records, a Taiwanese hospital is using AI for a new zero-contact speech recognition system that allows staff to integrate data in real-time.

Digital Future Initiative Launched Across Australia

The Digital Future Initiative aims to help Australia become a leading digital economy as well as bring significant tech resources and capabilities to Australia via investments in infrastructure that benefit people and businesses.

QR Code in China Helps Lost Elderly

The number of cases of lost elderly in China has dropped significantly with the development of a QR code on a plastic gadget allowing people to reach the emergency contact of the carrier immediately.