Singpass Features Multiple Languages

The Singapore government is taking steps to make digital services more accessible; Singpass App will better support citizens with four of Singapore’s official languages – English, Tamil, Malay and Chinese – in the app.

PolyU Gets Boost for Spatial Science Programme

A Hong Kong-based product design firm has provided a donation to establish an Endowed Professorship in Spatial Science, to support PolyU’s continuous contributions to China’s space exploration projects. 

Vietnam Develops Smart Cities in 41 localities

Vietnam’s transformation is based on 3 pillars: digital governance, digital economy and digital society; it has set a vision for the planning, management and sustainable development of urban areas by 2030 with a vision till 2045.

Thailand Spearheads Automation Technology for SMEs

The innovation allows for the quick storage and retrieval of inventory which will improve enterprise competitiveness by allowing them to reduce errors, save labour and energy, and achieve greater efficiency.