Data and Analytics for Banking Digitalisation

Technological advancements and progressive regulatory frameworks motivate banks to develop collaborative and open ecosystems; tech-enabled forecasting holds enormous promise for the financial industry.

Blockchain Is More Than You Think

Blockchain technology powers various influential applications that aren’t as well-known as crypto and is gaining popularity with multiple uses spread across a diverse range of business sectors.

Malaysia Launches New Digital Initiative

K-KOMM will drive the initiative aimed at encouraging and attracting companies, talent and investment while enabling Malaysian businesses and the Rakyat to play a leading part in the global digital economy.

Mobile Air Monitoring Releases in New York

The initiative aims to map hyperlocal air pollution and greenhouse gases statewide at the community level in collaboration with community-based organisations in New York’s most polluted communities.

Digital TV in Indonesia Boosts Creative Sector

The transition from analogue to digital television not only improves the technical aspects of broadcasting from analogue to digital formats but also opens job opportunities in the creative sector.