Tech to Accelerate Manufacturing of Nanomaterials

The “central gap” impeding the commercialisation of nanomaterials, according to researchers, is the lack of a value chain to bring laboratory developments to market which will be addressed by AMPLE.

Indian Launches 75 AI-Enabled Products

The products launched at the first-ever AI in Defence symposium fall under several AI domains, including blockchain-based automation, human behavioural analysis, intelligent monitoring systems and lethal autonomous weapon systems.

“One Indonesia Data” Underway

Indonesia is putting all the super apps for public services into one as it recognises the significance of creating a single, comprehensive application for the nation to reorganise the hundreds of dispersed applications.

U.S. Builds Synthesis Centre for Open Access Data

The centre will advance, broaden and catalyse environmental data science in the country to assist in the analysis and integration of these data, enhance the use of data-intensive methodologies and advance training in environmental science.