Blockchain Technology on the Rise in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the 5 leading countries in blockchain with 10 Vietnamese start-ups with a capitalisation of over $100 million. The government has supportive policies and is open to new technologies, enabling start-ups to grow rapidly.

Gene Expression Patterns Revealed in the U.S.

Single-cell RNA-sequencing, a technology developed and used by U.S. scientists, enables researchers to analyse differences in gene expression patterns and ascertain how each cell contributes to the function of a tissue.

Genomics Research to Strengthen in the Philippines

Aiming for more effective health measures, the DOST’s Philippine Council for Health Research and Development has expanded its Electronic Medical Record System and increased research capacity on Filipino genomics.

Thailand to Bolster Economy with Digital Tech

Thailand intends to bridge the Southeast Asian connectivity gap and improve its statistical system, as well as expand its initiative for the country’s economic and social development capacity through digital technology.