Updates to Singapore’s Digital Birth Certificate

Dialects of a newborn’s parents, which were not reflected in digital birth certificates issued beginning May 29 of this year, will be included starting September 1, according to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

New Hi-Tech Ambulances for New South Wales

The NSW Government is rolling out world-class technology and equipment across state ambulances worth over $55 million. This will help paramedics and specialist clinicians provide even faster, better cardiac care.

Intensifying Cyber Tools to Protect the U.S. Power Grid

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced a US$ 45 million investment in next-generation cyber tools to protect the country’s energy systems, while the National Science Foundation has collaborated to strengthen and support fairness in ML/AI.

UTM and UPM to Establish New OTEC Centre

UTM and UPM announced a research collaboration to enable R&D into Hybrid OTEC system technology, which combines energy generation and seawater desalination technology, to support the UN’s SDGs and COP26.