U.S. Launches BEARS Locator for Public Services

The U.S. government aims to help its residents avail of their benefits and public services by using a new platform, while the Defense Health Agency continues to improve its health system in order to better serve citizens.

India Explores State-Specific Technology Solutions

The government’s two-day Science Conclave will explore technological interventions to improve farmers’ income, digital healthcare, the country’s economy, and portable drinking water solutions, among others.

HKU Team Co-Develops High-Speed Imaging Tech

Researchers specialising at HKU’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering alongside researchers from UC Berkeley provided unprecedented moving images of how individual blood cells flow in the brain of a mouse that was awake.

Philippine Digital Transformation Focuses on Youth

IT Scholars of the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology will be able to apply their skills with the new internship project, and the first Filipino-made e-PRF using power apps will be released soon.

Indonesia Expands International Cooperation

Indonesia believes that the most important multi-stakeholder mechanism for improving development effectiveness is to maximise the efficacy of all forms of development cooperation for the common good of its people and for the whole nation.