Digital Initiatives for Dementia Care in Singapore

Alzheimer’s is a complicated condition, no single medication or intervention will likely be able to completely cure all patients, however, scientists have utilised digital technology to better understand the disease and develop novel treatments.

First 3D Cell-Based Antenna in the U.S.

Researchers have demonstrated a wireless intracellular antenna compatible with 3D biological systems. This opens new prospects for diagnostics, therapies, and drug development and a new direction at the junction of biology and electronics.

CUHK Scientists Develop New Tissue Imaging Technique

The Margaret K.L. Cheung Research Centre for Management of Parkinsonism at CU Medicine has developed a fast, user-friendly chemical technology to make chemically stabilised antibodies for rapid labelling and imaging of molecules in biological tissues.

Indonesia Launches Information Aggregator Website

The country has built a website that aggregates material from multiple online sources and makes it accessible to users in a single spot; 80 per cent of the population has access to digital television.

Digital Literacy Training for PWDs in the Philippines

The Department of Information and Communications Technology recently trained persons with disabilities on digital literacy; the eServices platform of the Department of Social Welfare and Development is now available.