Singapore Launches Smart Bins to Boost Recycling

A*STAR and a group of enterprises in Singapore have introduced a smart bin called BINgo that uses AI, IoT, and smart sensors to solve erroneous recycling practices and poor recycling rates in the country.

New Solutions from HK Innovation Lab

The first solution, iHEAS, provides critical environmental information and hazard warnings to the public; the second, the AIBOOSTER platform, is a data empowerment platform that enables better decision-making.

Manufacturing Technologies, Jobs to Expand in the U.S.

To address global competition in high-technology manufacturing industries, the U.S. has taken initiatives to revitalise this industrial sector, strengthen supply chain resilience and national security, invest in R&D, and train qualified people.

Curtin Uni Researchers Develop Novel eDNA Toolkit

The University-led research has resulted in the development of a non-destructive, non-invasive technological tool, an eDNA toolkit, that could be beneficial to effectively monitor rare and critically endangered species.

Enhancing Filipino Expertise in Blockchain Technology

The Department of Science and Technology aims to upskill its workforce in blockchain technology while the Department of Information and Communications Technology has an online safety precaution for the LGBTQ+ community.

Thailand Unveils Disaster Alert Channel

Thai government agencies and a messaging company have worked together to start a disaster notification service. This is a new way for more people to get emergency alerts, which will save lives and property.