Singapore to Boost STEM AI Postdoctoral Research

NUS has expanded its partnerships to expedite postdoctoral research for AI in STEM; will collaborate with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to manage the resources provided through a fellowship programme.

South Australia to Launch First Satellite

An Australian telecommunications service provider announced an agreement with a Dutch aerospace company to send Kanyini into orbit to start its ambitious mission to help take care of people and the planet.

The Philippines to Improve Digital Economy Indicators

Because of technological advancements in various industries, the Philippine digital economy has evolved, and the nation’s Statistics Authority is committed to improving the methodology and exploring additional indicators to capture the digital economy’s contribution.

Indonesia Strengthens Data Security

Indonesia is committed to maintaining resilience in its cyberspace because digitalisation is a reality in the country and the government is working to achieve digital interconnectivity with the rest of the world.