ANU Launches New Cybernetics School

A first-of-its-kind school at the Australian National University will seek to understand how Australia and the world can safely navigate and steer the profound impact of new tech as well as the effect AI has on daily lives.

U.S: Machine Learning Classifies 1,000 Supernovae

Modern astronomical observatories send out tens of thousands of alerts and images every night using a machine learning (ML) algorithm; hence, astronomers have large samples of cosmic events to answer their most pressing questions.

HKBU Jointly Develops Multifunctional Nanoparticle

An HKBU collaborative research team has synthesised a nanoparticle, TRZD, that can perform the dual function of diagnosing and treating glioma in the brain and offers hope for the early diagnosis and treatment of glioma.

Thailand Develops Aqua-IoT

Aqua-IoT is an Internet of Things-based monitoring system for the physical, chemical, and biological qualities of water developed in Thailand to enable the aquaculture industry to grow in a sustainable way.

Indonesia: G20 DEWG Focuses on 3 Priority Areas

In addition to discussing digital connectivity issues following the Covid-19 pandemic, the DEWG G20 Forum also discussed post-Covid-19 connectivity and recovery, digital skills and literacy, cross-border data flow, and data free-flow with trust.