Vietnam Welcomes New Aircraft Maintenance Software

The software is expected to increase labour productivity by 15% to 20%. It comes with tools for planning and controlling maintenance producers and provides information about failure status, maintenance history, and the status of spare parts.

NSW Government Launches New Sea Smart Tech

The NSW government has launched a new Smart Beaches project that will provide real-time data to almost 50 beaches in NSW and help lifeguards more accurately predict beach conditions using GPS and smart cameras.

Indonesia Reveals its 7 Best Smart Cities

The Smart City initiative is a strategic step to addressing development plans holistically and aims to harmonise regional government sectors and programmes considering each region’s potential and challenges.

Thailand Launches Digital Post ID

The country’s postal department has announced the Digital Post ID service, which will be rolled out in 2023 and will allow receivers’ information to be saved on QR code labels affixed to parcels to preserve data privacy.