New Cloud Infrastructure Launched in Malaysia

Malaysia is attracting significant digital investments, driven by strong government support and investment in tech areas like communication network infrastructure and data centres aiming to reach the government’s RM70 billion investment goal by 2025.

India: Two-Factor Authentication for Aadhaar-Based Fingerprint Authentication

India has implemented a new two-factor authentication security mechanism for Aadhaar-based fingerprint authentication. The AI/ML-powered system uses a combination of finger minutia and finger image to enhance the liveness check of captured fingerprints, improving security and preventing fraudulent attempts.

China: Information Services with Semantic Robots

Semantic consulting robots are not only widely employed in businesses and corporations but are also being steadily adopted by governments and universities in China to boost communication and information services

Digital Technology to Preserve Vietnamese Folk Literature Work

Digital technology will help collect, preserve, restore, uphold, and promote works that are at high risk of being forgotten. Over the next three years, the project will digitalise and publish 40% of folk literature works and preserve and complete the documentation of 40% of others at risk of oblivion.

U.S.: Atomic-Level Virus Model for Better Flu Treatment

Researchers built a computer model for the influenza virus at an atomic level to design better vaccines and antivirals against influenza in the future – a discovery that offers huge potential for an issue that has been eluding healthcare experts for years.