CUHK Scientists Develop New Tissue Imaging Technique

The Margaret K.L. Cheung Research Centre for Management of Parkinsonism at CU Medicine has developed a fast, user-friendly chemical technology to make chemically stabilised antibodies for rapid labelling and imaging of molecules in biological tissues.

PolyU Co-Launches New Lab

PolyU and a partner company are launching a new Joint Lab that will focus on joint research projects including AI-driven computational imaging and its chipisation, computer vision, immersive multimedia and AR/VR technology.

HKU Researchers Develop Post Lithium-ion Battery Tech

Researchers at HKU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering have developed a rechargeable aqueous battery with a magnesium metal anode which opens a new direction for the development of post-lithium-ion batteries.

HKSTP Partners for Biotech Innovation and Digital Health

Under the partnership, the firm will launch its first co-incubation programme in HK aimed at accelerating the growth of biomedical tech start-ups engaged in digital health solutions and the overall development of digital health.

HKU and ASTRI Partner to Expand HK R&D Talent Pool

Under the MoU, the two will determine their respective IP rights and ownership of R&D results to facilitate the commercialisation of joint R&D or implementation projects under the jurisdiction of both parties or affiliated HKU institutions.

HKPC Launches New BEE Funding Portal

The new BIZ Expands Easy funding portal is a one-stop platform that can help systematise and optimise the funding application process for government funding applications, unlocking boundless opportunities for industries.