Who Killed the Startup? (Hint: It is someone who knows it well)

Startups is a hot term right now. In fact, for a while now but pertaining to different industries or technology categories e.g. Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and more. Most times, it would have to be either technology leveraged or based. Many startups therefore have technology roots. Some who can see pass technology […]

The 5As of Cross-Functional Collaboration In Problem Solving

Firstly, leading a team within one’s own function could already be a challenge in itself (of course we called it opportunity!) as there will be a mixture of genders, age, ethnic background and location. That is just the physical aspect of things. There are still the emotional side of things, agendas – personal and departmental, […]

Data Scientist or Doctor? Which should I be?

In Asia, where parents have fashioned themselves to be proud parents of doctors, engineers, bankers, the term Data Scientist is as alien to them as the next food craze from Korea.

“Disruption is creation” – a mantra for business leaders

“Disruption is creation” - a mantra for business leaders

Innovate or get left behind. Businesses today know it and have seen it happen with their own eyes. From Amazon to Uber and Netflix, we have all seen new or small companies disrupt or vanish within months. Leveraging technology is key. Firms of all sizes and industries need to use new technology to create advanced […]