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Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Ms. Teo Li Li, Deputy Director Applications

OpenGov recognised the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) for contributing to Singapore’s Smart Nation Journey through multiple innovative projects.
A*STAR’s Green Data Centres, which use warm water cooling, with water temperature at around 35 degree Celsius, as compared to traditional use of chilled water, at around 15-18 degree Celsius, helped to achieve significant power savings. The agency is also using virtual machines (emulations of computer systems) in the Green data centres, thereby saving power and storage space and reducing the carbon footprint.
A*STAR’s InfiniCortex is concurrent supercomputing across the globe, utilising trans-continental InfiniBand (a computer-networking communications standard, with very high throughput and very low latency used in HPC) and a Galaxy of Supercomputers. Effectively, it creates a Galaxy of Supercomputers, with the supercomputers at the 7 nodes leveraging the InfiniBand network to act as one and tackle the biggest computational challenges. It was the first project in the world, where a 100 Gbps connection was established between supercomputers separated by a geographical distance of greater than 26,000 km.