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Department of Information and Communications Technology

Mr Denis Villorente, Undersecretary

OpenGov is recognising the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for three projects launched in 2018.
The first is the Pipol Konek Project, which aims to make free public Wi-Fi accessible throughout the country. This is in line with the National Broadband Plan to increase the accessibility of free Wi-Fi to Filipino citizens, building a stronger digital nation. Pipol Konek has integrated free public Wi-Fi across 145 cities and 1,489 municipalities. Recently, Camarines Sur became the province with the highest number of towns connected to the Internet with hotspots installed in 19 municipalities.
The second is the National ICT Ecosystem Framework (NIEF) 2022, which is a roadmap for the Philippines to encourage ICT sectors innovation and advancement that promotes accessibility, security and sustainability. Under the NIEF  2022, the Multi-stakeholder Governance Campaign aims to build a multi-stakeholder Internet Governance across all sectors. This initiative harnesses innovation through collaboration for the digital economy benefits of the citizens.
The third is the Department’s initiatives in support of women utilising the Internet and technology. Numerous trainings were done to empower women on the use of technology. These trainings highlighted the importance of ICT entrepreneurship in women empowerment and the role they play in the economy. DICT has also recently included a new segment in the Tech4ED project, which stands for Technology for Education, Employment, and Economic Development, named as Gender and Development.