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JTC Corporation

Mr. Roland U, Deputy Director, Information Technology Division

OpenGov recognised JTC Corporation for contributing to Singapore’s Smart Nation Journey through multiple innovative projects.
Co-developed between JTC Corporation, NTU Singapore and local start-up CtrlWorks, the new building inspection robot named QuicaBot – short for Quality Inspection and Assessment Robot – can move autonomously to scan a room in about half the time taken for manual inspection.
The robots can upload 3D data of the scans to the cloud and inform the human operator, who can then inspect critical and complex defects. The QuicaBot, which can operate for three days with two hours of charging, also has its own arsenal of high tech tools. They include: 1) Small laser scanner for navigation and mapping 2) Large laser scanner to inspect walls evenness and squareness 3) Inclinometer to check evenness of the floor 4) Thermal infrared camera to check for hollowness in tiles 5) Small standard colour camera to detect cracks on walls
To enable quick and nimble movements around the room, the team worked with CtrlWorks to develop the robot’s mobile platform.
Together with Accenture, JTC Corporation has piloted the Integrated Estate Management System (iEMS), which is easily layered onto the existing building management system and provides precise real-time data on building functions from air-conditioning to security, allowing JTC Corporation to operate more efficiently or spot anomalies, among other things. Just six months into the pilot, JTC Corporation had realised monthly savings of 15 percent on addressable electricity usage, as well as a 13 percent reduction in addressable chilled water use.
JTC Corporation has also shifted its building management approach towards one that is easy to monitor and control,proactive rather than reactive, and more energy efficient. Significantly, this has been achieved without cumbersome and expensive retrofits.