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Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

Ir. Dr Karl Ng Kah Hou, Head of Data Economy

OpenGov is recognising Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) for their projects of Malaysia Digital Hub (MDH) and Malaysia City Brain Initiative.
MDH serves as a place where growing start-ups can develop their next big idea in technology and at the same time be connected to the ecosystem of the digital economy. Not only does its open opportunities for start-ups to do business locally, but it also expands their reach as they connect start-ups with the ASEAN countries as well as to the global digital ecosystem.
MDH assists start-ups by providing them with high-speed broad-band and fibre optic connectivity. It also grants funding, from both the government and private sectors. Start-ups receive facilitation opportunities and Intellectual Property (IP) Protection because of MDH. Access to Founders Network, having founders of over 20 nationalities, is offered to start-ups as well. MDH encourages participation from all tech start-ups with a focus on 4 areas growing start-ups; global tech companies; accelerators; and talent builders and investors.