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State Government of Sabah

Dr Haji Mingu Haji Jumaan, the Director – Sabah State Computer Services Department

OpenGov Asia is recognising the State Government of Sabah for its steadfast role in the actualisation of Sabah’s digital economic development.
In order to achieve this, a special grant of RM1 million was approved in order to expand e-commerce in the state. By providing more efficient applications and platforms, e-commerce could also be an advantage to SMEs. The state government is very willing to study and provide space to promote applications or platforms in business and trade systems. The state government assured the people that business policies in Sabahwill be conducive and supportive for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Assistance for these entrepreneurs will come in the form of product marketability planning, packaging, logistics and even marketing in the digital space.
The government is focusing on digital economy development due to its far-reaching impact to all aspects of life, including the way people interacted, the economic structure and the skills needed to get a good job. In 2015 alone, SMEs contributed about RM10 billion in salary payments to worker in Sabah. Encouraging these business owners to go digital would offer them worldwide market, which in turn would reap benefits for the state.