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Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

Mr. Goh Siow Chong, Director (Information Systems, Applications)

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) was recognised for their development of the ePlanner and GEMMA platforms. Both platforms enhance intra-government collaboration between agencies and departments and enable better informed decision-making, leading to improved final outcomes.
ePlanner is a one-stop, multi-platform, geospatial urban planning analytics tool, which integrates data from various sources to enable advanced spatial visualisation and analytics. ePlanner also enables planners from various agencies to access and analyse various land-use planning information such as zoning and development control parameters. By working on a common analytics platform, agencies can better share up-to-date information and make collective planning decisions.
GEMMA enables planners to compose multiple land use scenarios quickly, through a suite of apps that tracks urban development staging easily. It allows planners to search and select sites quickly, and jointly evaluate scenario outcomes and potential impact on supporting infrastructure with partner agencies.