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Biotech Innovations Shine in Taiwan

Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) announced that 20 tech startup companies would showcase Taiwan’s Biotech capabilities to the world connect with the global ecosystem, resources and industries in the forum organised by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA). There are 20 TTA startup teams are selected by industrial experts and focused on global bio-industrial market potential startups.

Taiwan has demonstrated how to democratically tackle the COVID-19 threatening and how to be a true global partner by utilising technologies. Taiwan’s efforts and commitments have drawn international attention and the relationship between Taiwan and the U.S. has become stronger than ever before in the past year. The U.S. is leading the trends of advanced science and technology development and has a vivid startup ecosystem, while Taiwan has renowned semiconductor and ICT industries and long supported technology startups.

By working together, Taiwan can speed up the transition from scientific findings into practical technology applications and create a win-win situation and achieve future possible collaborations in the US. The companies presented disruptive biotech innovations such as vocal implant system, AI Video-based telemedicine solution and detection of respiratory function with ultrasound technology.

TTA is the flagship startups program funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). The main mission of the program is to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and ultimately build a vibrant international tech startup ecosystem in Taiwan. TTA also aims to support startups through the integration of online and offline marketing strategies. TTA facilitates startups to move forward towards viable and more in-depth collaborations with multinationals and overseas investors.

TTA champions entrepreneurship and innovation with the goal of building a vibrant international startup ecosystem in Taiwan. TTA hopes to attract global and domestic talents that focus on AI, software, semiconductor and actively supports the growth of technology industries by bringing in startups, accelerators, venture capital, and corporate partners under one roof; providing access to disruptive technologies and expertise from across the globe to create value for new innovative ventures.

One of the TTA’s goals is to build an international tech startup environment in Taiwan by building a strong network consisting of five pillars: talent from academic R&D, international accelerators, corporate partners, international links and capital market access.

With the joint forces of global and domestic partners behind us, TTA will be the ideal platform for talent to form new tech ventures, for startups to find talent, for startups and corporations to collaborate and co-create, and for investors to connect with valuable investment targets.

TTA will significantly contribute to building a vibrant international tech startup ecosystem in Taiwan; ultimately, making Taiwan a key destination for the next generation of entrepreneurs from all over the world to start their tech venture journey.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, TTA aims to help Taiwan startups overcome the obstacles caused by the pandemic by actively leading startups to seize international business opportunities through digital connections.

Due to reduced operations or shut down in the global market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TTA actively utilises digital connections to continually seize post-pandemic business opportunities for Taiwan startups. Although the pandemic has stalled face-to-face business meetings, it is also a turning point for developing digital service and technology.

TTA grasps this opportunity to embrace a new startup assistance model. Not only have online mentor office hours to ensure continuing support for the teams.  It has also compiled comprehensive relief resources for startups to respond to the pandemic.

Taiwan startups have gained worldwide recognition as five Taiwan startups have brought home four winning awards. Through a virtual networking platform, TTA also provides a gateway for global enterprises and investors to engage with Taiwan’s technology resources.

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