Thailand Launches AI Governance Clinic

A unit has been established by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency to create a framework for AI governance of electronic transactions that will adhere to both national and international standards.

RMIT Takes Lead Critical Tech Training

In its latest round, 14 programs were funded by CSIRO’s Next Generation Graduates Programs. RMIT will lead four and will provide generous scholarships to domestic PhD students, allowing them to be part of a multi-disciplinary team aimed at solving real-world challenges.

U.S: Machine Learning Classifies 1,000 Supernovae

Modern astronomical observatories send out tens of thousands of alerts and images every night using a machine learning (ML) algorithm; hence, astronomers have large samples of cosmic events to answer their most pressing questions.

Thailand Develops Aqua-IoT

Aqua-IoT is an Internet of Things-based monitoring system for the physical, chemical, and biological qualities of water developed in Thailand to enable the aquaculture industry to grow in a sustainable way.