RMIT Takes Lead Critical Tech Training

In its latest round, 14 programs were funded by CSIRO’s Next Generation Graduates Programs. RMIT will lead four and will provide generous scholarships to domestic PhD students, allowing them to be part of a multi-disciplinary team aimed at solving real-world challenges.

NUS Architecture Opens New Living Laboratory

The Department of Architecture under NUS CDE opened a living laboratory that will serve as a site for various parties to conduct a wide range of teaching and research activities on sustainable development of the built environment.

ANU Launches New Cybernetics School

A first-of-its-kind school at the Australian National University will seek to understand how Australia and the world can safely navigate and steer the profound impact of new tech as well as the effect AI has on daily lives.

ANU Hosts New Training Centre

The new centre will upskill researchers in cutting-edge 3D imaging and analysis technology to help repair bones, safely store CO2, deactivate viruses on surfaces and recycle car parts among a range of critical applications.