RMIT Takes Lead Critical Tech Training

In its latest round, 14 programs were funded by CSIRO’s Next Generation Graduates Programs. RMIT will lead four and will provide generous scholarships to domestic PhD students, allowing them to be part of a multi-disciplinary team aimed at solving real-world challenges.

New South Wales Unveils New Vision

NSW’s new strategy aims to foster investment in housing, growing and upskilling the health workforce, ensuring access to quality learning at every stage of life and improving transport and digital connectivity.

Smart Ticketing System Continues Rollout in Queensland

The rollout of Queensland’s Smart Ticketing System is doing well as the AU$ 371 million project continues to gather pace. The innovative technology enables more ways to pay for public transport across Queensland.

ANU Hosts New Training Centre

The new centre will upskill researchers in cutting-edge 3D imaging and analysis technology to help repair bones, safely store CO2, deactivate viruses on surfaces and recycle car parts among a range of critical applications.

NSW Government Launches New Innovation Programme

The second round of the AU$12 million SBIR programme provides small businesses grants of up to AU$100K as part of the first phase to work alongside the government and undertake feasibility studies of proposed solutions.

NSW Rolls Out New Computing Technologies Curriculum

The government announced the release of the new Computing Technologies curriculum which ensures students are prepared for future jobs in a digital world, focusing on cybersecurity, STEM and project-based learning.